Computational Systems Biology Group

Alexander Kanapin & Anastasia Samsonova (Co-Group Heads)

The group engineers computational approaches and analytical methods, which utilise diverse heterogeneous high-throughput multifaceted datasets to yield new biological understanding and to facilitate integration of   large-scale biomedical *omics data into routine clinical practice.

The major areas of research in the group are:

  • Mechanisms contributing to genome integrity maintenance in cancer and neurologic syndromes
  • Genome plasticity and dynamics in development and disease:  generation of somatic mosaicism, mobile genetic elements
  • RNA epigenetics
  • Long non-coding RNA biology
  • Applied mathematics in biology: development of methods and computational tools for *omics data analytics
  • Design of computational infrastructure and data management systems to support high-throughput *omics research

Collaborative ties of the group include: University of Oxford, Birmingham University, University of Plymouth, SUNY Medical University, Institute Curie, EMBL-European Bioinformatics Institute. The group is a member of the following national and international initiatives FANTOM (Japan), FDA-led SEQC consortium (USA) and Genomics England (UK).