Institute of Translational Biomedicine

In 2015, SPbSU has established the Institute of Translational Biomedicine
Aim:  Development of Translational Biomedicine at SPbSU – an innovative research field that integrates professional, intellectual, technical, infrastructural, and financial resources intended for carrying out specialized basic and clinical research; creation of conceptually new drugs, materials, devices, and high-tech biomedical technologies; their direct transition to clinical, diagnostic, therapeutic practices; establishment of effective communication system between researchers working within various fields.
1.  To create at SPbSU a network of research groups headed by internationally recognized researchers
2. Implementation of cross-disciplinary scientific and innovative projects in the sphere of translational biomedicine (with the participation of scientists and researchers working in medicine, natural sciences, humanities, social and economic, and legal fields).
3. To include new fields related to Translational Biomedicine in the educational activities of SPbSU